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FAQ - Live Classes

Why we started this?

We started this program/course so that any person in world can learn Sanskrit from an expert Sanskrit teacher. We keep the classes online via video conferencing/Zoom/Skype because it helps to eliminate geographical barriers of teachers availability. Even a student from outside India will be able to learn from expert teachers from Mumbai or Bengaluru or any location in world! We want to make Sanskrit language learning accessible to everyone.

What is the process of Registration?
Once you register by filling up the registration form for Live Class, our team will contact you on the email or phone number provided to make arrangements for the classes. Once, everything is confirmed, we send you a payment link. After receiving payment, we schedule a 10-15 minute Zoom/Skype session with the teacher where you can discuss about your learning goals so that we can design a tailor made curriculum for your classes. After this, classes start at a time which is suitable to both the student and the teacher.

What method you follow for teaching?
The classes are conducted in one on one format (can be conducted in group as well). That helps to get individual attention to each student who enrols for classes. Learning from an expert in one on one session is the best way to learn any language. 
What should we discuss during the 15 minute introductory Skype call with teacher?
You may discuss about -
·         Your expectations from the teacher
·         The suitable timings at which classes can be conducted
·         The curriculum/area of Sanskrit studies in which you need help in
Who will be the teacher assigned to me?
Open Pathshala has a bunch of Sanskrit teachers, specializing in different domains of the language such as Conversation, Grammar, Philosophy, Literature, Poetics, Academics (school/university level) and a lot more fields. Depending on what you wish to learn, we assign a teacher that can help you achieve your learning goals. The Sanskrit educators we assign to you are some of the best ones from India, so be assured about your classes, you will enjoy every minute of innovative and engaging Sanskrit learning!
For how many classes I have to register for?
We are following 'Pay as You Go' model for class registration amount. You can choose how many classes you wish to register for. You can even register for a single class and then re-register for next classes.
The Sanskrit conversation course is for 20 hours.  For other courses like Grammar, Literature or Academic help the number of classes will depend on your learning goals.
What is the schedule of the classes?
You can start with one class a week. But the schedule can be totally flexible as long as your and teacher’s time match. So, you can even take 2 classes a week if the teacher’s and your time matches.

Who are the teachers?
Teachers who teach with us have Masters and PhD degrees in Sanskrit in their respective domain of expertise. Almost all teachers have teaching experience in the range of 3 to 15 years. The teachers have won various awards and accolades for their work in spreading the Sanskrit language.

Still more questions? Drop us a mail at info [at] openpathshala [dot] com or use the contact form to send a message!