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Sanskrit Essay on Kalidasa


          कविकुलगुरूः महाकविः कालिदासः कविकुलशिरोमणिः वर्तते।  सः नृपतेः विक्रमादित्यस्य सभायाम् विद्यमानेषु

Deepavali Essay in Sanskrit


         भारते बहवः उत्सवाःसन्ति परन्तुभारतदेशे सर्वेषुउत्सवेषु दीपावली महान् उत्सवः

Sanskrit Essay on India | Bharatvarsh (भारतवर्षः) | अस्‍माकं देश:

Here, we have given 5 to 10 lines on India in Sanskrit! This essay can also be considered when you are asked to write about - asmakam desh in Sanskrit, our country in Sanskrit, bharat desh in Sanskrit, and bharatvarsh nibandh in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit Everyday Words Series:Part1

Everyday Sanskrit Words

दिने दिने संस्कृतम् - Sanskrit Everyday

Names of Sweets in Sanskrit | Learn Sanskrit

Indian sweets have a special place in our hearts. In every festival or ocassion we greet each other with sweets and is an essential part of Indian meals. Learn the translation of sweets and deserts in Sanskrit language with this article (Mithai ke Naam Sanskrit Mein)

Happy Diwali Greetings Message in Sanskrit 2020


Here we have Diwali greetings message in Sanskrit with translation in Hindi and English! 

दीपावल्याः सहस्रदीपाः भवतः जीवनं सुखेन, सन्तोषेण, शान्त्या आरोग्येण च प्रकाशयन्तु।

Name of Body Parts | learn Sanskrit


10 Human body parts in Sanskrit

This article is lists the body parts of human - being explained with images and translated in Hindi and English.

(Figure above shows the names and location of different body parts)

Potential / Optative Mood (विधिलिङ्लकार) | Learn Sanskrit


Potential Mood:

In this article, you will learn Potential mood in detail in Sanskrit online with free PDF to download.

Samas (समास) in Sanskrit Guide for Beginners | Learn Sanskrit


Samas in Sanskrit Guide

In this article you will learn Samas in Sanskrit in detail with examples, which specifically can be used as reference for Class 10 and higher classes and also for those who wish to get to know this topic.

Voice (प्रयोग) - Everything that you must known | Learn Sanskrit


This article is a summary of Voices (प्रयोग) in Sanskrit with an additional explanation about active (kartari) voice and passive (karmani) voices.