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Gateway to the Gita: A Chapter-wise Summary of Srimad Bhagavad Gita

● A chapter-wise summary of all 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita explained along with a detailed analysis of the key concepts in each chapter.

This program covers all 18 chapters of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. You will be guided through all the important concepts, insights, principles, and key shlokas that define each chapter. This will enable you to read and actually understand the Bhagavad Gita in a deeper and more comprehensive way across both Yoga Shastra and Brahma Vidya dimensions.

Sessions Start on: 25th February 2024



  • 9 Consecutive Sundays

  • Sun, 7 to 9 pm IST

  • 9-week Program

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Registration Cost: USD $59

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Sanskrit world


Positive Ratings *

* 73% of the feedback received full 5/5 ratings

What the previous participants say...!

The detailed explanation of everything, especially the Q/A sessions were very engaging and insightful.

- Dr. Elavatsala Sharma, Psychiatrist
Wow what an amazing deep dive into a great book.

- Dr. Tilok Ghose, Orthopedic Surgeon
This is a life time experience for me. Every word spoken by Mr. Iyengar was precious and overall coordination by "Open Pathshala" was priceless.

- Col Arun Prakash Agarwal, Government service
The style of summarising Bhagavad Gita overall and chapter-wise is unique and very helpful in providing a good grasp. Also, Shri Iyengar's deliberate style with his fully devoted heart sowed a seed of deeper devotion in me.

- Shreenath Mishra, Chartered Accountant
The Presenter had a very deep knowledge of the Gita so he could answer all the questions.

- Satish Kumar Singh, Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Not only was the Guruji extremely knowledgeable and humble, the design and follow-up have been exemplary. Much appreciated.

- Sunil Sharma, Partner
Found the Q&A sessions very engaging. Wish we had such platforms in my school/college years. This course is very well organized and presented.

- Girija Maira, School Teacher (Retd)

with Sampath Iyengar

Sampath is the founder of Intellect Yoga Institute a platform dedicated to transmitting Vedanta insights for modern relevance. He is a private investor and mentor focused on Innovation and Impact. Sampath has had an extraordinary career in terms of variety and challenges and has been an effective change agent. He has worn many hats – technical, entrepreneur, Global CEO, Investor, Advisor, Mentor - and has lived in different parts of the world. His journey with the Vedanta began in earnest from 2008 when he was associated with the Chinmaya mission while living in Princeton. Over the years, he has continued to apply the teachings of the Vedanta and for this treasure, he is grateful to his gurus from several sampradayas.

Registration Cost: USD $59

Live Session

Interact with the instructor and ask questions on YouTube Live


Live-Interactive session of 2-hour on Sundays

Recorded Session Available

Participants get the recorded session for the duration of 6-months


Certificate of Participation for all the participants

What You Will Learn

A chapter-wise summary explaining key concepts of Bhagavad Gita in a 9-week program

With the following major Sampradaya interpretations covered: Advaita, Dvaita, Viśiṣṭādvaita

  • Chapter 1: Arjunaviṣādayoga

  • Chapter 2: Sāṅkhyayoga

  • Chapter 3: Karmayoga

  • Chapter 4: Jñānakarmasanyāsayoga

  • Chapter 5: Karmasanyāsayoga

  • Chapter 6: Dhyānayoga

  • Chapter 7: Jñānavijñānayoga

  • Chapter 8: Akṣarabrahmayoga

  • Chapter 9: Rājavidyāyoga

  • Chapter 10: Vibhūtiyoga

  • Chapter 11: Viśvarupadarśanayoga

  • Chapter 12: Bhaktiyoga

  • Chapter 13: Kṣetrakṣetrajñavibhāgayoga

  • Chapter 14: Guṇatrayavibhāgayoga

  • Chapter 15: Puruṣottamayoga

  • Chapter 16: Daivāsūrasampadvibhāgayoga

  • Chapter 17: Śraddhātrayavibhāgayoga

  • Chapter 18: Mokṣasanyāsayoga

Registration Cost: USD $59