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Sanskrit Foundation Course

Live and Interactive Online Course

  • An all-new course of Sanskrit grammar with more diverse topics covered in an amazing class like interactive environment.

Sanskrit is the language of Veda and wisdom! A key for understanding the literature written during the golden phase of India. If you learn to read and understand Sanskrit, it gives you a base to understand India's ancient texts in their original form. Sanskrit foundation course is designed for such reasons. This course, designed for the beginners of the language, will give you a foundation knowledge of the Sanskrit language. If you are one of those who wishes to learn to read Sanskrit literature, this course is for you!

What You Will Learn

Learn the Sanskrit sentence structure and master the basics of Sanskrit Grammar

Do activities and assignments to review and reinforce the knowledge you have gained

Make simple sentences with a subject, a verb, and an object on your own and much more

Reliably identify the roles and relationships of words in a sentence

Not just limited to grammar rules. Use the theory to analyze simple Subhashitas and sentences right in the class

How to respond to and ask simple questions

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Registration Cost: USD $135/-

Live Sessions

Interact with the tutor and ask questions in a video conference


3-month duration. Live-Interactive class every Saturday

Never Miss a Class

Recorded lectures available for the duration of 6 months


Get a Certificate of Participation after completing the course

Prerequisite: Familiarity with Devanagari script. That is, you should be able to read this word - संस्कृत!
13+ age group is preferred in this course.

Rated 4.9/5 by Students!

Comprehensive course material and excellent teaching staff. Basic topic are covered very well!

- Rambabu Bhandaram, March '21 batch
The way the course was presented with tables and explaining sanskrit in terms of process. The instructor had deep knowledge of the subject and all the queries were satisfactorily answered.

- Mohit Saxena, March '21 batch
The course was for foundation of sanskrit. And it actually was helpful in creating solid foundation.

- Vineet Bhan, Aug '20 batch
The step by step approach to forming sentences and the detail in which we learnt were most valuable.

- Vasudharini Kesavan, Feb '20 batch
The topics covered have helped me read Sanskrit with greater fluency and understanding than before. The Sambhashanam practice was also enjoyable. The worksheets helped to reinforce what we covered in class. I also enjoyed the reading exercise that we did to practice Sandhi.

- Nitya Rajagopal, Mar '19 batch
It had been an excellent experience of learning online. This was my first ever online learning and it worked well for me.

- Vinit Shah, Aug '18 batch


    Learning by doing!

    An interactive & practical oriented curriculum where you learn with lots of examples and practice worksheets. Almost every class has simple Sanskrit shlokas and paragraphs for practicing and applying the theory that you learned to decode word by word meaning of original Sanskrit texts.

    Day 1: Introduction to Sanskrit & Sanskrit Varnamala / Alphabets

  • Day 2: Grammar Fundamentals - The building blocks of Sanskrit grammar

  • Day 3: Kaaraka: Nouns-Verbs relationship in a sentence

  • Day 4: Nouns: Referring to places, objects and people in Sanskrit

  • Day 5: Verb System Simplified: Rules of forming verbs in Sanskrit

  • Day 6: Verb System Simplified: Present Tense

  • Day 7: Numbers in Sanskrit. 1 to 50 Numbers and their use in a sentence

  • Day 8: Pronouns Part 1: Third person pronouns

  • Day 9: Pronouns Part 2: First and second person pronouns

  • Day 10: Forming questions: Framing questions that start with what, when, where etc. in Sanskrit

  • Day 11: Rules of writing Sanskrit & some important grammar exceptions

  • Day 12: Time telling in Sanskrit: How to tell time and schedule in Sanskrit

  • Day 13: Sandhi: Union of two letters based on sound: Swara Sandhi

  • Day 14: Sandhi: Union of two letters based on sound: Visarga Sandhi

  • Day 15: Complete Revision of all the lessons covered in last 14 days


Is there any prerequisite to attend this course?

Familiarity with Devanagari script is necessary to attend this course. Knowledge of at least one Indian language is a plus point.

What will be the medium of instruction?

English will be the medium of instruction.

When will the classes happen?

The classes will happen on Saturdays at 8 am IST. If you stay in a different timezone, you can check your local time here - Saturday, 8 am IST to my local time.

Where are these classes conducted?

These classes will be conducted on Zoom video conferencing tool. Download it here Zoom on PC/Mac, Android and iPhone/iPad

What is the procedure for joining these classes?

Once you enroll for the classes by filling up the form below, you can pay the course fee through an online payment. Once enrolled, we will send you joining details and regular class notifications through email and WhatsApp.

What happens if I miss a class?

The classes will be recorded and made available for a duration of 6 months.

Can I get a refund?

The course fee is non-refundable.

Does everyone gets a Certificate of Participation?

Every participant gets a certificate of participation!

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