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Vedanta & Innovation: Live Interactive Program

● Learn how to chart a path for you to become a game changing Innovator. Get introduced to and connect deeply with Vedanta insights that relate to the key facets of Innovation

To be an Innovator is not easy. Many entrepreneurs and leaders who set out to build innovative companies suffer a series of failures and give up on their dreams and aspirations. Likewise many scientists and engineers want to come up with breakthroughs but find they fall into the rut of 'copy cat' products. The reasons for failing to be a successful innovator are at a much deeper level within each individual. It takes structured introspection and commitment to peel the layers of your personality and build the necessary capacities.

with Sampath Iyengar

Sampath is the founder of Applied Vedanta Institute a platform dedicated to transmitting Vedanta insights for modern relevance. He is a private investor and mentor focused on Innovation and Impact. Sampath has had an extra-ordinary career in terms of variety and challenges and has been an effective change agent. He has worn many hats – technical, entrepreneur, Global CEO, Investor, Advisor, Mentor - and has lived in different parts of the world. His journey with the Vedanta began in earnest from 2008 when he was associated with the Chinmaya mission while living in Princeton. Over the years, he has continued to apply the teachings of the Vedanta and for this treasure, he is grateful to his gurus from several sampradayas. His Vedanta programs help professionals achieve higher levels of dynamic performance inherent in their potential.

Who is this program for?

Particularly useful for C-Level executives, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Educators and Engineers. We welcome participants from all nationalities and cultures.

Session on: To be announced



  • 2-Hour Program

  • Sunday, 6:30 pm IST

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All participants get a Certificate of Participation!

What You Will Learn

Here are some of the key capacities of an Innovator:

  • Vision to improve the world in some way

  • Integrity to think long term

  • Capacity for deep knowledge and special expertise

  • Ability to withstand and bounce back from failures

  • Make personal sacrifices

  • Develop conviction without being foolish

  • Conquer peer pressure and petty comparisons

  • Create and nurture a meritocratic culture

  • Learn and grow from mistakes and missteps

  • Understand the power of money without getting carried away

  • Vedanta, with its universal and timeless principles, shines a light on what it takes to be a true innovator in the real world.

    Sampath will introduce and connect deep and relevant Vedanta insights that relate to the vital facets of Innovation. The program will show participants how to chart a path to fulfill your potential to be a game changing Innovator.

    Specifically, we will talk about Purushartha, Dharma and Svadharma, Svabhava, Gunas and Varna, Karma dimensions, Karma yoga, Buddhi yoga, Antahakarana and Ahamkara, Svadhyaya and some other embedded concepts.

What the participants who attended other Applied Vedanta programs say...!

Rate this program 5/5. Got insights in recognizing and utilizing forces of Vedanta.

- Vishal Mirchandani - Chief Executive Officer, Puravankara Group
The Vedanta @Work program is a fantastic insight into modern day challenges we face in organisations. It offers a great way to learn and apply the principles to your corporate life. Would highly recommend it to anyone in management looking to get the best out of themselves and their colleagues.

- Jai Asundi, B.Tech, PhD. Executive Director CSTEP - a policy think tank
Great program, enjoyed every minute of the session!

- Naveen Sarawgi, Owner and MD of an Automobile Firm
I find the content of this program excellent.

- Dr Sanjeev Tyagi, Department Head, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
Thanks for the fascinating and self reflective session!!

- Debojyoti Bhattacharjee, Educator
Rate the program 5/5 on all parameters.

- Dr. Sayeda Dewan, PhD Scholar
Found the real life examples correlating with the Vedanta most valuable.

- Subramanian Vaidyanathan, CTO

Live Session

Interact with the instructor and ask questions on YouTube Live


Live-Interactive session of 2-hours on Sunday

Recorded Session Available

Participants get recorded session for the duration of 2 weeks


Certificate of Participation for every participant

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