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Vedas Recitation Techniques Video

The oral tradition of Vedic chanting has been declared an intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO. It is an oldest attempt to preserve knowledge. Human intellect is made an instrument for the preservation of texts. It is an extraordinary effort of memorization through elaborately worked out mnemonic methods.

There are two categories of types of recitation of the Vedas -
प्रकृति (prakr̥ti)
– In the original form
– संहिता पद क्रम (saṁhitāpada krama)
 विकृति (vikr̥ti)
– In changed form. विकृति means change.
- जटा माला शिखा रेखा ध्वज दण्ड रथ घन | These are the types of recitation with a change of order.

Here is a YouTube video that shows ghana-path form of Gayatri mantra recitation.


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