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openpathshala's blog

Name of Body Parts | learn Sanskrit


10 Human body parts in Sanskrit

This article is based on body parts of human being Explained with Images and translated in Hindi and English.

Potential / Optative Mood (विधिलिङ्लकार) | Learn Sanskrit


Potential Mood:

In this article, you will learn Potential mood in detail in Sanskrit online with free PDF to download.

Samas (समास) in Sanskrit Guide for Beginners | Learn Sanskrit


Samas in Sanskrit Guide

In this article you will learn Samas in Sanskrit in detail with examples, which specifically can be used as refrence for Class 10 and higher classes and also for those who wish to get to know this topic.

Voice (प्रयोग) - Everything that you must known | Learn Sanskrit


This article is a summary of Voices (प्रयोग) in Sanskrit with an additional explanation about active (kartari) voice and passive (karmani) voices.

Indeclinables - Avyay (अव्यय) | Learn Sanskrit


Avyay (अव्यय) for beginners :

In this article you will learn about Indeclinables - Avyay (अव्यय)  in sanskrit with list of Avyay which can be used in class 6th to 10th and even for higher classes. 

1. धिक् – hatred – Vocative, Accusative

A Complete Reference for Prefixes (Upasarg) | Learn Sanskrit


Prefixes (Upasarga)

The following article contains brief about Prefixes in Sanskrit which is explained with the help of examples even can be used for class 9/10 or school and or clg level studies.

Past Tense | Lang lakar | लङ्लकार | - Learn Sanskrit


 Past Tense in Sanskrit for beginners :

You will learn about past tense (lang laakaar/लङ्लकार)  with examples and tips of how to construct sentences in the past tense.



Professions and Occupations in Sanskrit


What are Different Professions that are known in Sanskrit ?

The article consist of Sanskrit names of more than 10 professions and occupations that we see in our daily lives. It also consist of English and Hindi translation.

Sandhi (सन्धि प्रकरण) Made Simple : A Complete Reference | Learn Sanskrit


In this article, you will learn sandhi in Sanskrit with some tricks and flow charts with examples for overall understandhing of Sandhi and specially for Class 9 
We have covered specific topics such as

Taglines of Institutions and Companies in India


Motto of Different Companies and Institution in India in Sanskrit:

India is a Large country with massive Institutions and giant companies. In this article, you will learn about the taglines and the meaning of the tagline of the company.