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Ayadi Sandhi in Sanskrit: A Quick Guide | Learn Sanskrit


Ayadi Sandhi in Sanskrit 

सन्धि – Conjunction of two letters coming after one other in certain conditions
Sandhi Chart Representation

Adjectives in Sanskrit - A Quick Guide | Learn Sanskrit



  1. मधुरः श्लोकः| मधुरा कथा| मधुरं गीतम्|
  2. शुभ्रः हंसः| शुभ्रा माला| शुभ्रं पुष्पम्|
  3. विशालः देशः| विशाला पाठशाला| विशालं नगरम्|


Learn Sanskrit - How to write time in Sanskrit


कः समयः? What is the time?

  • 1 o'clock  :  एकवादनम्  -  ekavādanam
  • 2 o'clock  :  द्विवादनम्    -  dvivādanam
  • 3 o'clock  :  त्रिवादनम्    -  trivādanam

Learn Sanskrit - How to write numbers in Sanskrit


Following table consist of 1-50 Numbers in Sanskrit 

१ एकम् 
1 One
११ एकादश
11 Eleven
२ द्वे

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