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Days of Week in Sanskrit: A Simple Guide | Learn Sanskrit

Seven days of week in Sanskrit with English Translation.

  1. Monday       - सोमवासरः   -  Somavāsaraḥ
  2. Tuesday      - मङ्गलवासरः  - Maṅgalavāsaraḥ
  3. Wednesdayबुधवासरः     - Budhavāsaraḥ
  4. Thursday    - गुरुवासरः     - Guruvāsaraḥ
  5. Friday         - शुक्रवासरः    - śukravāsaraḥ
  6. Saturday     - शनिवासरः    - śanivāsaraḥ
  7. Sunday       - रविवासरः     - Ravivāsaraḥ

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Use of Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday with Examples in Sanskrit.

Monday in Sanskrit flow chart

Tuesday in Sanskrit Flow chart

Wednesday in Sanskrit Flow chart

Thursday in sanskrit Flow chart

Monday in Sanskrit

Sunday in Sanskrit Flow Chart

Saturday in Sanskrit With Flow chart

Friday in Sanskrit With Flow chart


Today, Tommorow and Yesterday in Sanskrit Explained with Flow chart.

Today, Tommorow and Yesterday Explained with Flow chart

Days of Week in sanskrit in detail

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