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Name of Body Parts | learn Sanskrit


10 Human body parts in Sanskrit

This article is lists the body parts of human - being explained with images and translated in Hindi and English.

(Figure above shows the names and location of different body parts)

Chest in Sanskrit

English chest
Sanskrit वक्षः
IAST Transliteration vakṣaḥ
Hindi छाती

eyes in Sanskrit

English Eye
Sanskrit नेत्रम्
IAST Transliteration netram
Hindi आंख

Finger in Sanskrit

English Finger
Sanskrit अङ्गुली
IAST Transliteration aṅgulī
Hindi उंगली

Hairs in Sanskrit

English Hair
Sanskrit केशः
IAST Transliteration keśaḥ
Hindi बाल

knee in Sanskrit

English Knee
Sanskrit जानु
IAST Transliteration jānu
Hindi घुटना

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foot in Sanskrit

English foot
Sanskrit पादः
IAST Transliteration pādaḥ
Hindi पैर

stomach in Sanskrit

English Stomach
Sanskrit उदरम्
IAST Transliteration udaram
Hindi पेट

tooth in Sanskrit

English Tooth
Sanskrit दन्तः
IAST Transliteration dantaḥ
Hindi दांत

In addition to above body parts:

English Sanskrit IAST Transliteration Hindi
Shoulder स्कन्धः  skandhaḥ कंधा
Navel नाभिः nābhiḥ नाभि
Nose नासिका nāsikā नाक
Tongue जिह्वा jihvā जुबान
Nail नखः nakhaḥ नाखून
Ear कर्णः karṇaḥ कान
Face वदनः vadanaḥ चेहरा
Mouth मुखम् mukham मुंह