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6 Tips to Learn Hindi Quickly

The simplest way to learn any language is to be consistent and dedicated to studying and practicing that language. Luckily Hindi is one of the most popular languages of the world with nearly 1.5 billion speakers, so you have enough people to practice Hindi with!

Here are six strategies to learn Hindi:

  • Start practicing some basic sentences in Hindi right away!
    Learning a new set of alphabets/script is going to take time. Most of the foreigners or Hindi learners that I know had started with memorizing and understanding basic sentences in Hindi - such as Mera naam Rahul hai. Mai Mumbai me rehta hoon. (My name is Rahul. I stay in Mumbai). Since you don’t know the Hindi script yet, write down the pronunciation of sentences in your mother tongue or the Roman script.
  • Learn phrases that are in practical and daily use first
    Open Pathshala has an online course for learning Hindi using phrases that you must know for practical use of Hindi during the conversation.

    Special Course to Learn Spoken Hindi!

    Learn Hindi Speaking

    Learn Spoken Hindi

    An online course to learn spoken Hindi using examples and phrases from real-life situations. A curriculum specially crafted for foreigners, travelers, expats, and Hindi language learning enthusiasts!

    You absolutely don’t need to jump straight to grammar to speak a language. Of course, some grammar is necessary but more you speak in Hindi without translating sentences in your mind, more quicker the process will be. Once you are confident about basic phrases and daily use sentences, then move to grammar and learning the Devanagari script.
  • Learn Basic Grammar
    Till this point, you should be comfortable having a conversation in basic Hindi. It’s a good time to move towards grammar and correct your conceptions about sentence construction. You can use any good Hindi learning book for this or if you can find a tutor that will be great.
  • Vocabulary and flash-cards
    Without vocabulary, your speaking will remain limited. Learning new words will enrich your language skill. Find and note down new words. If possible use a flash card or an app that has a flash card feature to remember new words.
  • Make mistakes!
    Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Children learn a language quickly as they are not concerned if they make a mistake. Anyway, people will love it if you make an effort to learn their language and embrace their culture. Mistakes will help you reach to the next level!
  • Practice, practice, practice!
    Can’t stress enough on this point. Practice even if you are making mistakes. If possible find a native speaker or Hindi tutor and try to speak Hindi with that person.

I hope these pointers help people learn Hindi. There are no shortcuts just dedicated efforts can lead you to speak Hindi fluently.

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Herman's picture

I need to known Hindi cause I like it. Thanks
Mwajuma Mbega's picture

I like Hindi language
Arjun AA's picture

I want to learn speaking Hindi. I need it in my further medical College in North states. Thank you.
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