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Vegetables in Sanskrit


How to write vegetables names in Sanskrit ? 

This article would help you to understand what are different vegetables called in Sanskrit with the help attractive images followed by English and Hindi translation. You will specifically see what carrot, onion, beetroot, etc are called in Sanskrit

Chilli in Sanskrit

English Chilli
Sanskrit मरीचिका
IAST Transliteration marīcikā
Hindi मिर्च

tomato in Sanskrit

English Tomato
Sanskrit रक्तफलम्
IAST Transliteration raktaphalam
Hindi टमाटर

Carrot in Sanskrit

English Carrot
Sanskrit गृञ्जनकम्
IAST Transliteration gṛñjanakam
Hindi गाजर

Potato in Sanskrit

English Potato
Sanskrit आलुकम्
IAST Transliteration ālukam
Hindi आलू

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Cabbage in Sanskrit

English Cabbage
Sanskrit केम्बुकम्
IAST Transliteration kembukam

brinjal in Sanskrit

English Brinjal
Sanskrit वृन्ताकम्
IAST Transliteration vṛntākam

cauliflower in Sanskrit

English Cauliflower
Sanskrit पुष्पशाकम्
IAST Transliteration puṣpaśākam
Hindi फूलगोभी

Mushroom in Sanskrit

English Mushroom
Sanskrit छत्त्राकम्
IAST Transliteration chattrākam

Radish in Sanskrit

English Radish
Sanskrit मूलकम्
IAST Transliteration mūlakam
Hindi मूली

onion in Sanskrit

English Onion
Sanskrit पलाण्डुः
IAST Transliteration palāṇḍuḥ 

Lady finger in Sanskrit

English Lady finger
Sanskrit भिण्डिका
IAST Transliteration bhiṇḍikā
Hindi भिन्डी

Some More Examples of Vegetable with its Sanskrit Translation : 

English Sanskrit IAST Transliteration Hindi
Spinach पालक्या Pālakyā पालक
Bitter-gourd कारबेल्लम् Kārabellaṁ करेला
Garlic लशुनम् Laśunaṁ