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How to type in Sanskrit

Many times it becomes difficult to type in languages other than English. Especially, when it comes to Sanskrit or other Indian languages, many people get tangled up with fonts, installing software and lots of other mess! Let's take a look at how you can use Devanagari script on your PC and android phone. Here, I'll explain a method using which you will be writing in Sanskrit (Devanagari font) within 5 minutes!

Windows PC:
Step 1: Go to Google Input Tools for windows and select the languages you want to type in. Let's select Sanskrit and click the download button. Update: Google seems to have discontinued the download option. Sanskrit Input Tools can be downloaded here. Step 2: The setup file will start to download. Once, the download finishes, double click or run the downloaded file to begin installation.
Step 3: When the installation finishes, that's it! You are done installing Sanskrit font!

How to Type: To type in Sanskrit, Click on "En" button on task-bar, near clock (bottom right on your screen), and there, select Sanskrit. Now try typing something in notepad file. You need to type the word as it sounds. That means, to type "भारत" you need to write "bhaarat". 

Now, for visual learners, here is a video tutorial that explains this process.

Android Phone:
You need to install Swiftkey keyboard app as a prerequisite. 

Step 1: Run the app Swiftkey Keyboard.
Step 2: Click on "Languages". Then scroll down to Sanskrit and click on it to download.
Step 3: Once the download completes, enable Sanskrit language from the same "Languages" section.
Step 4: To type in Sanskrit, go to type a message, hold the Shift key and swipe it to left until you select Sanskrit keyboard. 
Step 5: That's it. Now you can type in Sanskrit on your phone too!

For visual learners, here is a video tutorial that explains this process.

Now, its time to send greetings and messages to your friends in Sanskrit!

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Padma Ravi's picture

सुप्रवेश. मम नामः पद्म
rangarajandeepa's picture

राम राम!
बहु उपयोगिनी आसीत एषा सूचना
Vasudevan_in_Brisbane's picture

I have a Devanagiri INSCRIPT key board installed but it does not give the same alphabet as I type.
When I type M I get श when I type P I get  ज.
I have dowloaded the fonts from the source you provided and it works fine but I get the word at the top of the screen. It is a bit annoying but I can manage.
Any suggestions or tips ?
नमो नमहः

Rahul's picture

It looks like you downloaded some fonts to write Sanskrit/Devanagari. 

Fonts generally don't have phonetic format hence it become difficult to type directly with them. You have to remember which key types which letter.

Instead of downloading separate fonts, you can try Google input tools online or Lipikaar keyboard which gives an option of phonetic typing. Details of both of these you will get by Google search.

Hope it helps.'s picture

Trying to find correct instructions to type in sanskrit in whatsapp app on a mac. Can you please point me to correct instructions? Greatly appreciated!
Rahul's picture

For mac OS, you can check an article given here -