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Beginners Guide: Gerunds and Infinitive | Learn Sanskrit


Gerunds and Infinitive in Detail with Examples 

1. Root – the unit of verb the विकरणप्रत्यय and endingsE.g. पठ्, गम् (गच्छ्), कृ etc.
verb explanation
3.  Participle – Root + suffix

Dwandwa Samas and Its Types Simplified | Learn Sanskrit


Types of Dwandwa Samas

Dwandwa Samas (Compound) Ke Prakar

Dwandwa Samas (Compound) - Itaretar Dwandwa

Days of Week in Sanskrit: A Simple Guide | Learn Sanskrit

Seven days of week in Sanskrit with English Translation.

  1. Monday       - सोमवासरः   -  Somavāsaraḥ

Get to know Samas in Sanskrit in easy steps | Learn Sanskrit


Compound (समास) in Sanskrit 

हनुमान् रामस्य भक्तः आसीत् | हनुमान् रामभक्तः आसीत् |

Ayadi Sandhi in Sanskrit: A Quick Guide | Learn Sanskrit


Ayadi Sandhi in Sanskrit 

सन्धि – Conjunction of two letters coming after one other in certain conditions
Sandhi Chart Representation

Adjectives in Sanskrit - A Quick Guide | Learn Sanskrit



  1. मधुरः श्लोकः| मधुरा कथा| मधुरं गीतम्|
  2. शुभ्रः हंसः| शुभ्रा माला| शुभ्रं पुष्पम्|
  3. विशालः देशः| विशाला पाठशाला| विशालं नगरम्|


Time in Sanskrit: Learn Sanskrit


कः समयः? What is the time?

In this article, we will see how you can write time in Sanskrit language.

Learn Sanskrit - How to write numbers in Sanskrit


Following table consist of 1-50 Numbers in Sanskrit 

१ एकम् 
1 One
११ एकादश
11 Eleven
२ द्वे

Learn Sanskrit - Pronoun Tables - A Complete Reference

This artcile has various tables and charts of pronouns in Sanskrit. Download the PDF at the end. Study the declensions of pronouns like tad, etad, asmad and yushmad along with sentences