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Beginners Guide: Gerunds and Infinitive | Learn Sanskrit


Gerunds and Infinitive in Detail with Examples 

1. Root – the unit of verb the विकरणप्रत्यय and endingsE.g. पठ्, गम् (गच्छ्), कृ etc.
verb explanation
3.  Participle – Root + suffix

Get to know Samas in Sanskrit in easy steps | Learn Sanskrit


Compound (समास) in Sanskrit 

हनुमान् रामस्य भक्तः आसीत् |हनुमान् रामभक्तः आसीत् |

Ayadi Sandhi in Sanskrit: A Quick Guide | Learn Sanskrit


Ayadi Sandhi in Sanskrit 

सन्धि – Conjunction of two letters coming after one other in certain conditions
Sandhi Chart Representation

Adjectives in Sanskrit - A Quick Guide | Learn Sanskrit



  1. मधुरः श्लोकः| मधुरा कथा| मधुरं गीतम्|
  2. शुभ्रः हंसः| शुभ्रा माला| शुभ्रं पुष्पम्|
  3. विशालः देशः| विशाला पाठशाला| विशालं नगरम्|
  • Adjective tells something more about the noun
  • Adjective – विशेषण and noun – विशेष्य
  • श्लोकः, हंसः, देशः a

Time in Sanskrit: Learn Sanskrit


कः समयः? What is the time?

In this article, we will see how you can write time in Sanskrit language.

Learn Sanskrit - How to write numbers in Sanskrit


Following table consist of 1-50 Numbers in Sanskrit 

१ एकम् 
1 One
११ एकादश
11 Eleven
२ द्वे