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Taglines of Institutions and Companies in India


Motto of Different Companies and Institution in India in Sanskrit:

India is a Large country with massive Institutions and giant companies. In this article, you will learn about the taglines and the meaning of the tagline of the company.

Birds in Sanskrit | Learn Sanskrit


Names of Birds in Sanskrit for beginners:

This article consist of different names of bird such as Kite , Kingfisher, pigeon etc. in Sanskrit Language with amazing pictures followed by English and Hindi translation, 

owl in Sanskrit

Vegetables in Sanskrit


How to write vegetables names in Sanskrit ? 

This article would help you to understand what are different vegetables called in Sanskrit with the help attractive images followed by English and Hindi translation. You will specifically see what carrot, onion, beetroot, etc are called in Sanskrit

Different Names of Animals | Learn Sanskrit


25 Names of Animals In Sanskrit with Hindi And English Translation

Wild Animals in Sanskrit :

Lion in Sanskrit

Fruits Name in Sanskrit | Learn Sanskrit


20 Name of Fruits in Sanskrit with Hindi and English Translation.

Coconut in Sanskrit

Complete Guide for Imperative Mood | Learn Sanskrit


Types Of Moods with definition:


Imperative Mood - AP roots

 आत्मनेपदी endings of Imperative mood

Beginners Guide: Gerunds and Infinitive | Learn Sanskrit


Gerunds and Infinitive in Detail with Examples 

1. Root – the unit of verb the विकरणप्रत्यय and endingsE.g. पठ्, गम् (गच्छ्), कृ etc.
verb explanation
3.  Participle – Root + suffix

Dwandwa Samas and Its Types Simplified | Learn Sanskrit


Types of Dwandwa Samas

Dwandwa Samas (Compound) Ke Prakar

Dwandwa Samas (Compound) - Itaretar Dwandwa

Days of Week in Sanskrit: A Simple Guide | Learn Sanskrit

Seven days of week in Sanskrit with English Translation.

  1. Monday       - सोमवासरः   -  Somavāsaraḥ