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Myths and Realities of Sanskrit

Samskrit is not just a language but a key to the treasure of vast knowledge and experience since eternity. Completely new dimension of understanding can open up for the one who knows this Language. Let's look at a few myths and realities of Samskrit worth understanding for people curious about this language.

Let's take a look at YouTube recording of the webinar and slides we used to present it!

A Collection of Sanskrit Idioms

A list of Sanskrit Idioms collected through twitter!

How to type in Sanskrit

Many times it becomes difficult to type in languages other than English. Especially, when it comes to Sanskrit or other Indian languages, many people get tangled up with fonts, installing software and lots of other mess! Let's take a look at how you can use Devanagari script on your PC and android phone. Here, I'll explain a method using which you will be writing in Sanskrit (Devanagari font) within 5 minutes!

Windows PC:

How To Learn Sanskrit | Get Started with Sanskrit

  Sanskrit, the classical language of India, has a charm of its own. Lot of people want to learn this language for a variety of reasons. Maybe to understand culturally rich Veda-s, ancient books, drama-s or to read history. We arranged a webinar on 22nd November to help people understand how to get started with learning Sanskrit.